Smart and Simple MattersIn this episode of the Smart and Simple Matters (SASM) show, I tap into the amazing resources of a professional Daily Money Manager.

I'm consumed with getting the unglamorous nuances of day-to-day money matters right. And in pursuit of this, I'm happy to welcome Carole Evenchik – my go-to resource for all things Daily Money Management – to the SASM show.

In Carole's 30+ years in the financial industry, she's seen it all and has a wealth of experience to masterfully help her clients.

Through her business, EvenChecks & Balances, Carole helps seniors, busy professionals, non-traditional households, and everyone else under the sun. It's a gift to interview someone who can talk about the philosophy of a financially sound life and explain the practical steps for achieving one.

What You'll Learn

There's a ton of wisdom to absorb and take action on in this edition of SASM.

In this podcast episode you'll learn about:  

  • Why money works for some people and against others.
  • A story of joy and loss behind a $185,000.00 life insurance check.
  • Confidently managing debt when you're first starting out…and allowing yourself to still have fun.
  • How to move towards auto-pilot in your day-to-day finances.
  • Having a healthy relationship with money without understanding where your feelings about it came from.
  • Being empowered up to your capacity … and beyond.
  • The one question you need to ask to stick with a budget.

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode Include:


  • [02:33] Topics covered
  • [03:25] Carole's background and “the insurance bug”
  • [06:40] Her financial moment of truth at age 28
  • [08:25] A professional's definition of Daily Money Management and its principles
  • [13:45] Emotions and our relationship with money
  • [16:26] Empowering clients up to their capacity…and beyond
  • [19:59] Free resources for dynamite budgeting and personal finance
  • [25:42] Getting your money matters right when you're young and (maybe) foolish

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