Like the Sun Shining In

What a last 12 months.

As one of my primary gratitude rituals, I like to reflect back on what I've created, especially when the calendar isn't saying I should.

And since I've declared independence from the calendar – celebrating Thanksgiving in May and such – it's time to post something that most people expect in December or January.

So I'm taking today to share the best twelve resources I've been involved in creating over the past year.

It's Not All Podcasts and Blog Posts …

I'm a stronger speaker than writer, but you'll find a few text-based resources in this list.

Actually, there were a few articles that I thought would have legs and didn't (for example, this one and that one … oh, and this one, too). But one way or another, the stuff below generated the most impact, comments, emails, social media shares, or good vibes.

Ranked in no order of importance:

1. A Simple Revolution: My Vision for SimpleREV

SimpleREV probably wouldn't exist if I didn't publish this vision in November 2013. Public accountability is a powerful force, and this post lit a serious fire under my butt.

This post also got others to start paying attention to the concept of a simple living event and a new movement to drive it. As Ethan Waldman said in the comments, “This needs to happen. And when it does, I will be there.” We're grateful that others share Ethan's enthusiasm and we can't wait to host the first-ever SimpleREV event for you on October 3-4 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

2. SASM 022 – Minimalism, Intentional Living, and Being the Best You with Joshua Becker

I can't get enough of Becoming Minimalist's Joshua Becker. Apparently, you can't either. This was my first interview with Joshua and we spoke about themes that many of us feel deep inside: how to live intentionally, why comparison is unfair, reconciling our drive to compete, and how less can be more.

3. SASM 025 – Tetris Theory, Mental Frameworks, and How to Act Accordingly with Colin Wright

Similar to Joshua, when Colin Wright asks me to do something (like interview him), my default answer is, “Yes!”

In this episode, we talk about the themes of his book, Act Accordingly. His perspective on surrounding yourself with question-askers instead of solution-givers is uncommon wisdom. And his insight on how to detach yourself from your work resonated as much as his comments on “Tetris Theory.”

4. Spreadsheet Spotlight: Baby Names (Without the War)

This spreadsheet template explains the tool Melinda and I used to name our sons, Grant and Clark. But really, this Spreadsheet Spotlight is a massive time-saver and stress-reliever on baby names … or anything else that needs a name.

5. SASM 033 – Positive Addictions and UNdefining Yourself with Sarah Peck

When you interview someone as deep and well-spoken as Sarah Peck, you just have to ask good questions. The rest of your job? Don't interrupt their flow.

People loved how Sarah gave them permission to invite honesty and kindness into their lives. And I particularly liked her version of “enough” and reframing why addiction is essential to humanity. The show notes comment section glows on this episode.

6. Experience Curating: How to Gain Focus, Increase Influence, and Simplify Your Life

I never thought I'd write a book. But Experience Curating was ready after nine months of outlining, writing, editing sprints, and everything else that goes into indie-publishing.

Many folks still have questions. What the deuce is Experience Curating? Can I do it without spreadsheets (please – pretty please)? The first half of the book is in our free Refuge of Simplicity, so you're just a click away from answers to these questions and more.

7. SASM 036 – How to Turn Dreams into Reality with Warren and Betsy Talbot

Here's how I started the show notes for this episode: “I've only known Warren and Betsy Talbot for three months. But I already want them to be my life-long friends.”

Is it possible to read, listen, or watch this couple and not laugh hysterically or get motivated as all get-out? I don't think so. Listen to this one and learn how to let go of the items, people, and mindsets holding you back. Oh, they'll also explain how to get rid of “it.”

8. SASM 040 – Meditate on This: Mindfulness and Headspace with Andy Puddicombe

Sweet sassy mollasy: Andy Puddicombe makes me feel like I'm meditating just by listening to his soothing voice.

You might forget the compelling science and fantastic ripple effects of meditation as he frequently gets into storyteller mode. But it will only be for a moment. Why this episode didn't get more social media love is beyond me. It's all kinds of wonderful.

9. The All Things SimpleREV Podcast with Dan Hayes

Dan Hayes – Simple Life Together dynamo and SimpleREV co-organizer – asked me in March if he and I should start a SimpleREV podcast. Know what I told him? “Heck yes!”

To be fair, I do a fraction of the overall work for each All Things SimpleREV episode. Dan knows podcasting like bees know buzzing and he happily creates our outlines, drafts the show notes, and edits the audio. Check out our archives for witty banter, empowering interviews (Joshua Becker and Mike Vardy, anyone?), and a message that people need to hear.

10. SASM 049 – How to Have Plenty of Anything (Including Wild Money) with Luna Jaffe

You want vivid and wild stories? You want someone who can resolve the debate between “enough” or “plenty?” Maybe you need help defining what your version of rich feels like?

Luna Jaffe to the rescue! It's only been three weeks since this episode was published, but it's already destined to be among the most popular.

11. SimpleREV's “What Simple Living Means to Me” Project

Starting an event or movement is often easy. It's much harder to get people so jazzed about it that they're eager to contribute.

The SimpleREV community has graciously accepted the invitation to show us their unique version of simple. This YouTube playlist has original videos about a tiny house, a Primal feast, family-inspired simplicity, minimalist travels around the world, and more.

12. The Refuge of Simplicity and 18 Simplify, Organize, and Be Money Wise Emails

Slowly, the Refuge of Simplicity has grown into an oasis. I started our email subscriber community with just The Personal User Guide, but I've now added full Spreadsheet Spotlight templates, half of Experience Curating, and a bunch of Value of Simple Declaration bonus images.

Last August, I also completely revamped the eighteen scheduled emails you receive from me when you subscribe. They're almost a full years' worth of value spaced far enough apart to keep you going (and keep you from being overwhelmed).

Oh, Before You Go …

If you haven't seen these resources, give 'em a chance. If you've already read, listened, or watched some, now might be a good time to check them out again and fully sink in.

Thanks for reading, hearing, seeing, and sharing what I help to create!

After all: you are my top overall resource. You are who makes this corner of the Internet so groovy (and fun).

Photo Credit: Nicolas Raymond