Why the Future of Work Is Working for Yourself with Stephen Warley - SASM 116

Why the Future of Work Is Working for Yourself with Stephen Warley – SASM 116

Stephen Warley and Joel Zaslofsky Combined Picture

What you need to hear isn't always what you want to hear.

We both know that it can feel really uncomfortable to have your deep-seated assumptions challenged so forcefully. Being steadfast is normally good … but not in the world of work. Not anymore.

My friend and guest for this episode, Stephen Warley at Life Skill That Matter, is here to convince you that self-employment is the safest, most lucrative, and healthiest form of work right now.

(I know. It may sound wild or impossible. Hear him out.)

You've heard stories about jobs being eliminated due to outsourcing, automation, and faceless corporations hacking their workforce because the execs want a bigger bonus. But that's not the whole story of work in the 21st century.

And that's not your fate when you work for yourself and find all the stability, comfort, and fulfillment you need.

Press play to let Stephen challenge your beliefs, offer some real alternatives, and teach you some life skills that seriously matter.

You're about to Learn ...

  • How to make big changes without a major crisis forcing them on you.
  • Why we learn best when things are hard.
  • How to deprogram yourself to take on the “risk” of self-employment.
  • Why self-employment is the safest, most lucrative, and healthiest form of work right now.
  • How much you really need to earn to support your family and lifestyle.
  • Why self-directed learning is an essential life skill that matters.
  • When intuitive experimenting yields better results than all the best practices in the world.
  • How to control your thoughts without coming across as a robot.
  • How to short-circuit your negative self-talk.
  • Some of the issues that plague the global education system.
  • Why you can stop asking “Where do I start?” in your work, home, and projects.

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Timestamps and Topics

  • [06:45] How Steven became stuck (again) after shutting down his Unstuckable podcast
  • [09:54] Possibilities for a new global education system
  • [15:09] The role of self-directed learning in a meaningful life
  • [25:55] Why self-employment is the safest, most lucrative, and healthiest form of work right now
  • [36:58] Why the world is ready for a tidal wave of the self-employed
  • [42:56] Why Steven feels and projects so much certainty with his words
  • [53:50] The big questions we're asking ourselves right now
  • [51:12] The twelve week Life Skills That Matter self-assessment challenge

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