How to Align Your Money, Values, and Dreams with Sophia Bera – SASM 067

This episode features Sophia Bera on how to remove the distractions costing you time and money, what to do about student debt, and how to use your money to match your values (and achieve your dreams).

How to Redefine Rich, Grow Gratitude, and Be Happily Humble with Matt Ham – SASM 063

Matt Ham joins Joel Zaslofsky and his special co-host, Andy Traub, to discuss the true meaning of being rich, replacing shattered dreams with better ones, why you need to plant gratitude early and often, and how 0.2 millimeters of skin might have saved Matt’s life.

SASM 049 – How to Have Plenty of Anything (Including Wild Money) with Luna Jaffe

This episode features Luna Jaffe as we discuss Wild Money, the debate between “enough” and “plenty,” and what the voice of money sounds like (seriously).

SASM 030 – How Personal Capital Simplifies Your Personal Finances with CEO Bill Harris

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features CEO Bill Harris of Personal Capital. We talk about your biggest financial problem, investing in your investments, how Bill started a mutual fund when he was *thirteen*, and simplifying your finances.