Wild MoneyI'm ready to go under the microscope.

Are you?

My guest for this Smart and Simple Matters episode – Luna Jaffe – just has a way with words. And thoughts. And concepts. And money.

I'm an open, “It's good to be vulnerable” kinda guy. But Luna brought out a whole new level of candor and reflection in me. She'll probably do the same for you after you listen to our chat.

Luna holds a passionate conviction that your relationship with money is critical to having a successful and satisfying life. She's the Founder and CEO of Lunaria Financial, in Portland, OR where she offers securities and advisory services through KMS Financial Services, Inc.

But despite being a Certified Financial Planner and award-winning author of Wild Money: A Creative Journey to Financial Wisdom, she's not that interested in bank accounts.

In fact, you'll hear her tell stories of happy accidents that took her from one type of work to the next (and across the world).

It's only through a diversity of experiences and travel – internally and externally – that you gain the wisdom to say things like:

It's possible to heal your relationship with money. Just because the tools or the processes or the people you've tried to learn from in the past didn't work, doesn't mean you're stupid. – Luna Jaffe

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Luna also understands something I believe we all know deep down, but don't often act on: excess time is more important than excess money.

Get ready to be challenged. Get ready to grow. And get ready to answer questions like these, because here comes Luna to rock your brain.

How do I spend money? Am I intentional or unconscious? How am I when I go to nurture it? Can I sit with it? Can I let it pool around me? – Luna Jaffe

You're about to Learn …

  • Why you shouldn't judge how “good” or “bad” you are with money.
  • How a hand-painted silk picture can change everything.
  • The hot debate between “enough” and “plenty.”
  • How a lifetime of accidental changes can create deep intention.
  • What the voice of money sounds like.
  • How to define what makes you feel rich.
  • Why you want to learn from people who share your pain.
  • How to become self-aware by crafting your money story.

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode:


  • [03:21] Luna's seeds of awesomeness
  • [08:38] The origins of Wild Money
  • [11:50] How to assess your relationship with money
  • [17:43] What makes your life feel rich
  • [20:45] How Luna teaches financial literacy
  • [25:43] The Wild Money Monologues deal
  • [32:19] The gender differences in how we view money
  • [34:47] What it's like to ride through a heard of rhinos
  • [36:22] The story of $10 and a Laptop
  • [42:36] Healing your relationship with money
  • [43:54] How to get your free copy of ZGuide to Money

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