Personal BrandIn this episode of the Smart and Simple Matters (SASM) show, I have the privilege of hosting Colin Wright of Exile Lifestyle.

This conversation with Colin proves once again that we can't control all the events in our lives (and that we shouldn't even try). For example, when the doorbell rings while you're in the middle of recording an episode of Smart and Simple Matters and your two dogs start freaking out – running around and barking – make the best of it by pausing the recording and hoping your editing skills are up to the task. Now you know why there's a strange edit about five minutes in.

If you like fountains, wisdom, or fountains of wisdom, you'll love my chat with Colin. Whether it's building your personal brand, why you should live like a sphere instead of a box, or how the “team” you're on can cloud your view of the world, there's something for everyone.

And besides, nobody else I know can seamlessly drop a Final Fantasy IV reference to Palom and Porom in a relevant way and make me almost have to stop the conversation to laugh hysterically.

Listening to this is fun but, more importantly, it reveals some insight that's sorely lacking in our lives. There are a number of reasons I think we all should be more like Colin, but here's one of my favorites from our talk straight from his mouth:

Anybody can replace a writer, or replace a designer with somebody cheaper, somebody outsourced, or a robot sometimes. But nobody can replace Colin Wright because I have this unique collection of skills and experiences.

He says this humbly and he's damn right. And now I'm off to try a diet of cake icing. You'll understand what I mean after listening to the episode.

What You'll Learn

Besides why you should shoot Colin an email to say hello, you're getting a ton of stuff in this one.

In this episode you'll learn about:

  • The smartest way to start building your personal brand.
  • The “grandma” test for an ethical business.
  • How telling people what you're not is putting you into a box.
  • Why the majority of people everywhere are almost identical to you …
  • And how the small differences are as delicious as icing on a cake.
  • Why religion, sports, and politics give people a “team” to be on.
  • Why it's dangerous to look at business as something separate from yourself.
  • Colin's view on the importance of curating (and it's not what you think).
  • What kind of accomplishment it takes for Colin to stop being so damn modest.
  • The majesty of road tripping across New Zealand (and an awesome travel hack).

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode Include:


  • [03:50] What got Colin started as a globetrotting entrepreneur
  • [08:14] Building your personal brand
  • [12:16] Why differences in religion are dwelled upon so heavily
  • [21:15] The organic evolution of life and business ethics
  • [29:14] The muse for Colin's books
  • [32:19] Old school videos games like Tetris and Final Fantasy IV

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