Joan SotkinLet's start with what you won't hear in this episode.

First, you won't hear me backing away from my mic to repeatedly laugh at Joan Sotkin's hilarity. That happened numerous times.

Second, you won't hear Joan make excuses for herself or apologize for the person she's become.

Most people without working adrenal glands are miserable, but Joan is grateful that hers are toast. Most people are self-conscious about strange facial expressions, but Joan owns her eyebrows.

Publicly, she bills herself as a holistic business and money coach who helps folks like me and you experience freedom from personal, professional, and financial struggles. But she's so, so much more than that.

You'll hear it when she says things like:

Love is the healer. When you learn to treat yourself like someone you love, your life's going to get a whole lot better. – Joan Sotkin

If you've been holding too tightly to things you need to let go … if you want to increase your self-awareness … if you need to show yourself more compassion … click play and prepare to be dazzled.

You’re about to Learn …

  • A simple, instant mindset shift to control your money worries.
  • How to become someone who doesn't fear losing anything.
  • Why were not designed to have abundance (and why nothingness is so important).
  • What happens when you eliminate sugar from your diet for 42 years.
  • How Joan went from a near-death valium addict to almost perfect health.
  • Why I'm absolutely fascinated to read Joan's next book.
  • Why things that drain us aren't necessarily bad.
  • Why you need to “know your numbers” to make solid decisions.
  • How sitting silently can help you deeply connect with others.
  • Why Joan refused to be a “balabusta” (and what she became instead).



Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode:


  • [06:19] Joan's seeds of awesomeness
  • [10:28] Why Joan gave away all her possessions and went on a spiritual journey
  • [16:54] What the voices that Joan thought she was channeling said to do
  • [20:14] Thoughts about abundance and the goals of “enough” vs. “plenty”
  • [23:53] What Joan does to have enough “nothing” in her life
  • [26:29] Is it possible to stop worrying about money?
  • [31:45] Why you need to keep track of your money (or at least the numbers)
  • [37:53] Why learning to connect with yourself is so important
  • [43:16] What happens when you let go of judgement and expectation
  • [47:06] The cultural shift in momentum of permission to let go

Extra Gratitude and Special Mentions

Chris Richmond from Awaken for Wellness made my day in early May 2015. Listen to the episode and you'll get the whole story (thanks Chris!).

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