Simplify, Organize, and Minimize: Meet Your New Friend, Streamline, with Tico and Tina – SASM 070

This episode features David and Christina (a.k.a. Tico and Tina) on how to make life happen for you instead of happen to you, the mysterious link between productivity and a minimalist lifestyle, how to love yourself (and others) by embracing your inner tensions, and how “streamlining” supports a simple life.

3 Simple Tools to Unstuff Your Life with Andrew Mellen – SASM 056

This episode features Andrew Mellen discussing the three simple rules of Unstuff Your Life, removing your physical obstacles to sustainable joy, using organizing to connect with what matters most to you, and the “stuff behind the stuff.”

SASM 032 – Organization Tips and Preparing for Emergencies with Cassie Tillett

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Cassie Tillett as we discuss a host of organization tips, “sentiment-fests,” and preparing for emergencies.

SASM 011 – Becoming an Accidental Daily Money Manager with Jen Koontz

This episode Smart and Simple Matters features Jen Koontz. Join us to learn how to avoid financial and organizational time bombs, what it’s like having your house condemned by the Fire Marshall with no notice, how to break down needs vs. wants, and much more.