How to Align Your Money, Values, and Dreams with Sophia Bera – SASM 067

This episode features Sophia Bera on how to remove the distractions costing you time and money, what to do about student debt, and how to use your money to match your values (and achieve your dreams).

SASM 039 – How to Build Super Systems (and Be Like Batman) with Shanna Mann

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Shanna Mann as we discuss how to build rockin’ systems, whether we should emulate Batman or Superman, why habits (even great ones) can be giant blind spots, and more.

SASM 024 – Reinventing Yourself and Rapidly Reframing Misfortune with Adam Shepard

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Adam Shepard. We discuss reinventing yourself, reframing misfortune, why budgeting is sexy, life-changing $10 purchases, living in a homeless shelter, and much more.

SASM 011 – Becoming an Accidental Daily Money Manager with Jen Koontz

This episode Smart and Simple Matters features Jen Koontz. Join us to learn how to avoid financial and organizational time bombs, what it’s like having your house condemned by the Fire Marshall with no notice, how to break down needs vs. wants, and much more.

SASM 002 – Super Skills for Rocking Daily Money Management with Carole Evenchik

This edition of the Smart and Simple Matters show features a professional Daily Money Manager, Carole Evenchik. We talk about why money works for some people and against others, the story of joy and loss behind a $185,000.00 life insurance check, being empowered up to your capacity…and beyond, as well as other great topics.