SASM 041 – Experience Curating, Part 1: Origins, What It Is, and Best Practices

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Joel Zaslofsky going solo with Experience Curating. He explores how to spend 0.1% of your time maximizing the other 99.9%, the synergy between simplicity and curating, how to become an expert in any topic, and more.

SASM 029 – 4 Reasons and a Moral Imperative to Unsimplify

This Smart and Simple Matters episode reveals 4 reasons to UNsimplify and if there’s ever a moral imperative to do so. I also answer the question, “Do you need to be worldly to be worthy?” and “Why is wading into the pool of other people’s problems so damn complex?

SASM 019 – The Continuous Creation Challenge and Your Ultimate Guide to Rock It

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features the Continuous Creation Challenge and a full toolbox to rocking your experience with it. From what it is, the origin story, how it works, some insanely awesome highlights, and a planning guide… this is the whole shebang!

SASM 005 – Curating Part 1: The Awesome Importance and Startling Benefits

This edition of the Smart and Simple Matters show features the topic of curating and why is so valuable in a world exploding with technology and information. I cover why curating is so essential, some great examples of curating tools, case studies of curating experts, the primary way I curate, and more.