Simplify, Organize, and Minimize: Meet Your New Friend, Streamline, with Tico and Tina – SASM 070

This episode features David and Christina (a.k.a. Tico and Tina) on how to make life happen for you instead of happen to you, the mysterious link between productivity and a minimalist lifestyle, how to love yourself (and others) by embracing your inner tensions, and how “streamlining” supports a simple life.

3 Simple Tools to Unstuff Your Life with Andrew Mellen – SASM 056

This episode features Andrew Mellen discussing the three simple rules of Unstuff Your Life, removing your physical obstacles to sustainable joy, using organizing to connect with what matters most to you, and the “stuff behind the stuff.”

SASM 046 – How to Organize Your “Lives” (E-Memory Revolution or Not) with Gordon Bell

This episode features Gordon Bell as we discuss how to organize your digital “lives,” how to be a paperless pioneer, and why e-memories are so valuable.

SASM 042 – Experience Curating, Part 2: The FAOCAS Framework and Tools

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Joel Zaslofsky and Experience Curating. He explores who really owns your social media experiences, why his framework is descriptive (and not prescriptive), the simplicity of the “Everywhere Doctrine,” and more.

SASM 041 – Experience Curating, Part 1: Origins, What It Is, and Best Practices

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Joel Zaslofsky going solo with Experience Curating. He explores how to spend 0.1% of your time maximizing the other 99.9%, the synergy between simplicity and curating, how to become an expert in any topic, and more.

SASM 037 – Organize It All (OrgJunkie or Not) with Laura Wittmann

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Laura Wittmann of as we cover organizing without frustration, why your home office might work best in a coat closet, how to get your kids to organize for themselves, and more.

SASM 035 – Review and Topic-Centric Curation with CEO Guillaume Decugis

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features the CEO of – Guillaume Decugis – as we talk about how curation can make you an expert, simplifying your self-expression, business failures that lead to success, and why “humanrithm” matters.

SASM 032 – Organization Tips and Preparing for Emergencies with Cassie Tillett

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Cassie Tillett as we discuss a host of organization tips, “sentiment-fests,” and preparing for emergencies.

SASM 030 – How Personal Capital Simplifies Your Personal Finances with CEO Bill Harris

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features CEO Bill Harris of Personal Capital. We talk about your biggest financial problem, investing in your investments, how Bill started a mutual fund when he was *thirteen*, and simplifying your finances.

SASM 027 – Risk-Taking, Rough and Ready Creativity, and Checklists with Corwin Hiebert

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Corwin Hiebert. We talk about creative and financial risk-taking, the business side of simplicity, translating “rough and ready” cooking skills to business, and much more.