5 Strategic Steps to Streamline Your Life with Miriam Ortiz y Pino – SASM 082

This episode features Miriam Ortiz y Pino on why clutter is really just unresolved piles of decisions, the five simple steps to streamline your stuff and life, and how Miriam went from a “pack-rat stacker” to an organized simplifier.

3 Simple Tools to Unstuff Your Life with Andrew Mellen – SASM 056

This episode features Andrew Mellen discussing the three simple rules of Unstuff Your Life, removing your physical obstacles to sustainable joy, using organizing to connect with what matters most to you, and the “stuff behind the stuff.”

SASM 046 – How to Organize Your “Lives” (E-Memory Revolution or Not) with Gordon Bell

This episode features Gordon Bell as we discuss how to organize your digital “lives,” how to be a paperless pioneer, and why e-memories are so valuable.

SASM 039 – How to Build Super Systems (and Be Like Batman) with Shanna Mann

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Shanna Mann as we discuss how to build rockin’ systems, whether we should emulate Batman or Superman, why habits (even great ones) can be giant blind spots, and more.

SASM 038 – How to Be Control Free and Distraction Lite with Mike Burns

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Mike Burns as we talk about letting go of the need to control everything, why anti-distraction beats decluttering, what the “greater yes” is, and much more.

SASM 037 – Organize It All (OrgJunkie or Not) with Laura Wittmann

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Laura Wittmann of OrgJunkie.com as we cover organizing without frustration, why your home office might work best in a coat closet, how to get your kids to organize for themselves, and more.

SASM 032 – Organization Tips and Preparing for Emergencies with Cassie Tillett

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Cassie Tillett as we discuss a host of organization tips, “sentiment-fests,” and preparing for emergencies.

Spreadsheet Spotlight: Baby Names (Without the War)

This Spreadsheet Spotlight features a dynamite spreadsheet to save you massive time (and headaches) in naming a baby (or dog, cat, horse, car, and plants). Disarm the emotional bombs that come from naming a baby and have some nerdy fun with this one!

SASM 027 – Risk-Taking, Rough and Ready Creativity, and Checklists with Corwin Hiebert

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Corwin Hiebert. We talk about creative and financial risk-taking, the business side of simplicity, translating “rough and ready” cooking skills to business, and much more.

SASM 026 – Multipotentialite Crimes and Triumphs with Emilie Wapnick

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Emilie Wapnick as we discuss multipotentialite crimes, triumphs, and some revealing stories from both of us.

SASM 015 – The Forces of Order and Simplifying with Dan and Vanessa Hayes

This Smart and Simple Matters show features Dan and Vanessa Hayes. We discuss our relationship with “stuff,” how to simplify and organize all aspects of life, the differences between physical and digital clutter, and what universal topics everyone should be educated on.

SASM 005 – Curating Part 1: The Awesome Importance and Startling Benefits

This edition of the Smart and Simple Matters show features the topic of curating and why is so valuable in a world exploding with technology and information. I cover why curating is so essential, some great examples of curating tools, case studies of curating experts, the primary way I curate, and more.