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Feeling Stuck? How to Align Your Time, Money, and Energy with Stephen Warley – SASM 075

This episode features Stephen Warley on why having tons-o-free time isn’t enough (and what else you absolutely need), some of the habits that can make you “unstuckable,” how thinking less helps you align your time, money, and energy toward what you truly want, plus when (and how) to take control over what you purge.

The Missing Connection Between Money, People, and Wellness with Joan Sotkin – SASM 074

This episode features Joan Sotkin with a simple, instant mindset shift to control your money worries, how to become someone who doesn’t fear losing anything, why were not designed to have abundance (and why nothingness is so important), plus what happens when you eliminate sugar from your diet for 42 years.

From Desperately Lost to Intentionally Found: 5 Years of Striking Personal Renaissance Highs (and a Few Lows) – SASM 072

You’re invited to celebrate Joel’s five-year personal renaissance anniversary with a special podcast episode about some crazy experiments, the most amazing communities, resources in the “Refuge of Simplicity,” and wild speculation about the next five years.

Pulse Check – Quarterly Report for January to March 2015

Every quarter I recap the past, present, and future of my personal journey and the voyage of Value of Simple. This “Pulse Check” is intended to be an honest, transparent, and (hopefully) inspiring assessment of where I’ve been and where I’m going. Are you ready for the January – March 2015 Pulse Check?

Gratitude Gains from Pain, How to Remove “Bad” Days Forever, and New Ways to Show Love with Aaron Kennard – SASM 071

This episode features Aaron Kennard on how to find euphoric joy in immense pain, eliminate bad days forever, use discomfort to trigger gratitude, the meaning of “Ho’oponopono,” and why empowering habits start as one small, simple act.

Simplify, Organize, and Minimize: Meet Your New Friend, Streamline, with Tico and Tina – SASM 070

This episode features David and Christina (a.k.a. Tico and Tina) on how to make life happen for you instead of happen to you, the mysterious link between productivity and a minimalist lifestyle, how to love yourself (and others) by embracing your inner tensions, and how “streamlining” supports a simple life.

The Dangers of “The Twitch” and How to Stop Yours with Anthony Ongaro – SASM 069

This episode features Anthony Ongaro on how to change your relationship with clothing (one load of laundry at a time), the quick tricks you can use to tame your smartphone, how one game helped him get rid of his excess stuff, plus the seemingly endless – and surprising – benefits of minimalism.

How to Create Power, Intention, and Focus with Morning Rituals – SASM 068

Do you know the misunderstood – but essential – difference between routine and rituals? What do morning rituals have to do with sharing my complete, unedited, and previously private daily promises? You’re about to get some answers … and learn even more (like why maintenance is for gardens and machines, not humans.)

How to Align Your Money, Values, and Dreams with Sophia Bera – SASM 067

This episode features Sophia Bera on how to remove the distractions costing you time and money, what to do about student debt, and how to use your money to match your values (and achieve your dreams).

5 Simple Tips to Shift from “Go! Go! Go!” to “Slow, Slow, Slow” – SASM 066

What are the surprising social norms of the most intentional, grateful, and inspiring people? Why is simplicity ready for you – right here and right now? Get answers to these questions and other practical, counter-intuitive tips like the “simplify by being a jerk” principle and how to reduce the stress of texts, tweets, blips, and bleeps.

How to Slow Down Your Life, Quiet the City, and Revive Our World with Bill Powers – SASM 065

This episode features Bill Powers on how to slow down, living tiny (and off-grid), why most world cultures are ecocidal, and where you’ll find urban oases … in any city.

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