The Gratitude Journal, Vision Board, and Tension between Hustle and Slowness with Vernon Foster – SASM 078

This episode features Vernon Foster on why attachment to outcomes can hold you back from best ones, how Costa Rica made him feel like he landed on another planet, a dynamite question that can change everything, and (perhaps my favorite) why you don’t have to be Jean-Claude Van Damme every day.

Simplify, Organize, and Minimize: Meet Your New Friend, Streamline, with Tico and Tina – SASM 070

This episode features David and Christina (a.k.a. Tico and Tina) on how to make life happen for you instead of happen to you, the mysterious link between productivity and a minimalist lifestyle, how to love yourself (and others) by embracing your inner tensions, and how “streamlining” supports a simple life.

The Collision of Tech and (Human) Nature with Robert Scoble – SASM053

This episode features Robert Scoble as we discuss the culture around self-driving cars, how he actively follows 40,000 people on Twitter, if tech can help us slow down, and Facebook’s attempt to addict us.

SASM 051 – Collaborative Consumption: How to Tap Idle Time and Resources with Lauren Anderson

This episode features Lauren Anderson as we discuss Collaborative Consumption, what an economy is for, how to tap into your idle time and skills (even if they’re crazy), and why you want to live in a “sharable city.”

SASM 038 – How to Be Control Free and Distraction Lite with Mike Burns

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Mike Burns as we talk about letting go of the need to control everything, why anti-distraction beats decluttering, what the “greater yes” is, and much more.

SASM 032 – Organization Tips and Preparing for Emergencies with Cassie Tillett

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Cassie Tillett as we discuss a host of organization tips, “sentiment-fests,” and preparing for emergencies.

SASM 028 – How to Grow Abundance and Combat Stagnation with Charlie Gilkey

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Charlie Gilkey. We talk about how a philosopher becomes a warrior, why most things you want won’t get you what you need, types of abundance, the small business cycle… and more.

SASM 026 – Multipotentialite Crimes and Triumphs with Emilie Wapnick

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Emilie Wapnick as we discuss multipotentialite crimes, triumphs, and some revealing stories from both of us.

SASM 018 – Productivityists and Asking the Right Questions with Mike Vardy

This Smart and Simple Matters show features Mike Vardy and his perspectives on productivity. We discuss the seeds of awesomeness, why “why?” is the best question to ask (and when), “status battles,” and a whole new meaning of being productive.