How Simple and Primal Living “Grok” a Ton with Mark Sisson – SASM 060

This episode features Mark Sisson discussing the single most undervalued, overlooked aspect of your health. Mix in some mindfulness, gratitude, and primal living tips … and you’ll be ready to “Grok” on in no-time.

SASM 040 – Meditate on This: Mindfulness and Headspace with Andy Puddicombe

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Andy Puddicombe of Headspace as we discuss the science of meditation, looking after your mind like you would your body, and why softness is vastly underrated.

SASM 033 – Positive Addictions and UNdefining Yourself with Sarah Peck

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Sarah Peck as we discuss positive addictions, undefining yourself, value-oriented work, and how to have self-compassion (even when changes come too slowly).

Spreadsheet Spotlight: Baby Names (Without the War)

This Spreadsheet Spotlight features a dynamite spreadsheet to save you massive time (and headaches) in naming a baby (or dog, cat, horse, car, and plants). Disarm the emotional bombs that come from naming a baby and have some nerdy fun with this one!

SASM 022 – Minimalism, Intentional Living, and Being the Best You with Joshua Becker

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Joshua Becker and his perspective on practical minimalism. We discuss the limits of minimalism, how to live intentionally, the pros and cons of competition, and being the best you that you can be.

SASM 019 – The Continuous Creation Challenge and Your Ultimate Guide to Rock It

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features the Continuous Creation Challenge and a full toolbox to rocking your experience with it. From what it is, the origin story, how it works, some insanely awesome highlights, and a planning guide… this is the whole shebang!