Why the Future of Work Is Working for Yourself with Stephen Warley – SASM 116

This episode features Stephen Warley on how to make big changes without a major crisis forcing them on you, why we learn best when things are hard, and how to deprogram yourself to take on the “risk” of self-employment.

Simplicity as Your Path Back to Love with Courtney Carver – SASM 104

This episode features Courtney Carver on how she got 2,000 people to almost instantly ask her to come to their city, how she fell in love with forty strangers in one day, and why starting with the mechanics of simplicity is so helpful.

How Rich I Am, What Angers Me, and the Mess I’m Withholding from You – SASM 081

Discover just how freakin’ rich I am, what pisses me off, why I’m so scared of you listening to this episode, how I’ve wronged my dogs, why SimpleREV makes me feel like an entitled parent (or spoiled brat), and who I was, am, and want to be – truly and completely.

How to Go Carbon Neutral, Grow from Rejection, and Have the Pope Ask for Your Prayers with Jared Brock – SASM 076

This episode features Jared Brock on how living at an eco-resort or intentional community can change everything, what happens when a little kid loses a $20 bet (with money he doesn’t have), why you need to do a full life audit to become carbon neutral, and why Pope Francis asked Jared to pray for him.

How and Why to Lead With “I Love You”

Leading conversations with “I love you” creates big smiles, endless gratitude, and a better world. So why don’t we do this? Discover how to fix this and all the powerful reasons to “Lead With I Love You.”

SASM 019 – The Continuous Creation Challenge and Your Ultimate Guide to Rock It

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features the Continuous Creation Challenge and a full toolbox to rocking your experience with it. From what it is, the origin story, how it works, some insanely awesome highlights, and a planning guide… this is the whole shebang!

The 120 Hour Continuous Creation Challenge Recap

An insider’s look into the highs, lows, and unexpected experiences of people doing the 120 Hour Continuous Creation Challenge. Find out what’s possible when you channel your dormant energy away from passively consuming and into actively creating.

Our Rank Based Life

All rankings are not created equal. So maybe you shouldn’t always trust the bias of them without exploring what the variables and biases actually are.