How to Grow Food Anywhere and Build Community Everywhere with Eugene Cooke – SASM083

This episode features Eugene Cooke on why you need a food abundance system more than abundant food, how to ease poverty with local solutions and NO legislation, how to make nature your church, and why the men who spoke the least influenced Eugene the most.

SASM 051 – Collaborative Consumption: How to Tap Idle Time and Resources with Lauren Anderson

This episode features Lauren Anderson as we discuss Collaborative Consumption, what an economy is for, how to tap into your idle time and skills (even if they’re crazy), and why you want to live in a “sharable city.”

My Top 12 Resources from the Last 12 Months

Here are the top 12 resources – from surprising, unsexy, multi-media, and everything in-between – that I’ve helped create in the last 12 months. Do you see something I missed or think one of them isn’t so groovy?

Spreadsheet Spotlight: Baby Names (Without the War)

This Spreadsheet Spotlight features a dynamite spreadsheet to save you massive time (and headaches) in naming a baby (or dog, cat, horse, car, and plants). Disarm the emotional bombs that come from naming a baby and have some nerdy fun with this one!

SASM 007 – The Future of Education and Brilliant Teaching Movements with Pam Peterson

This edition of the Smart and Simple Matters show features the topics of education and teaching with an insightful teacher, Pam Peterson. Join us to learn about the “power of the yes,” the dirty little secret about why students like competition, which learning muscles you need to work the most, and how to avoid wasting kids’ time in the classroom.

I Don’t Know How to Say Good-bye

This was the last post of Enlightened Resource Management before it was rebranded to Value of Simple. I said good-bye in my own way, with my first (and probably) last flirtation with poetry.

The War on Food: Self Inflicted Casualties

The world is at war with food. At every step in the chain where food in planted, grown, harvested, stored, transported, purchased and eaten, we waste HUGE amounts of it. We can do better and we need to do better.