SASM 029 – 4 Reasons and a Moral Imperative to Unsimplify

This Smart and Simple Matters episode reveals 4 reasons to UNsimplify and if there’s ever a moral imperative to do so. I also answer the question, “Do you need to be worldly to be worthy?” and “Why is wading into the pool of other people’s problems so damn complex?

SASM 028 – How to Grow Abundance and Combat Stagnation with Charlie Gilkey

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Charlie Gilkey. We talk about how a philosopher becomes a warrior, why most things you want won’t get you what you need, types of abundance, the small business cycle… and more.

SASM 025 – Tetris Theory and How to Act Accordingly with Colin Wright

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Colin Wright. We discuss Tetris Theory, mental frameworks, his new book – Act Accordingly – and why my sports team is better than yours.

SASM 024 – Reinventing Yourself and Rapidly Reframing Misfortune with Adam Shepard

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Adam Shepard. We discuss reinventing yourself, reframing misfortune, why budgeting is sexy, life-changing $10 purchases, living in a homeless shelter, and much more.

How and Why to Lead With “I Love You”

Leading conversations with “I love you” creates big smiles, endless gratitude, and a better world. So why don’t we do this? Discover how to fix this and all the powerful reasons to “Lead With I Love You.”

49 Powerful Lies We Say and How to Tell the Truth

Learn 49 powerful lies we tell ourselves and how to make yourself (or someone else) speak the truth instead. This carefully curated list will empower you like The Minimalists empowered me.

38 Game-Changing Experiences for Business and Beyond (NMX 2013)

Expand your view of what’s possible with this vivid recap of my experiences at New Media Expo 2013. You’ll find out how to make free an incentive for your business model, what insane engagement + accountability can do for you, and why “I’m awesome, click here” is a bad business strategy.

SASM 008 – Building Your Personal Brand and Blowing Up Your Box with Colin Wright

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Colin Wright of Exile Lifestyle. Join us to learn about building your personal brand, why you should live like a sphere instead of a box, and how the “team” you’re on can cloud your view of the world.