SASM 050 – A Curated Recap of Episodes 1-49

This episode features Joel Zaslofsky giving a curated recap of the first 49 Smart and Simple Matters episodes. Hold on to your hats (and headphones)!

SASM 047: How to Reclaim the Commons … and Your Attention with Howard Rheingold

This episode features Howard Rheingold as we discuss the role of the Commons, controlling your attention, how curating increases consciousness, and why you should thank the U.S. Department of Defense (yes, seriously).

SASM 042 – Experience Curating, Part 2: The FAOCAS Framework and Tools

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Joel Zaslofsky and Experience Curating. He explores who really owns your social media experiences, why his framework is descriptive (and not prescriptive), the simplicity of the “Everywhere Doctrine,” and more.

SASM 041 – Experience Curating, Part 1: Origins, What It Is, and Best Practices

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Joel Zaslofsky going solo with Experience Curating. He explores how to spend 0.1% of your time maximizing the other 99.9%, the synergy between simplicity and curating, how to become an expert in any topic, and more.

SASM 035 – Review and Topic-Centric Curation with CEO Guillaume Decugis

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features the CEO of – Guillaume Decugis – as we talk about how curation can make you an expert, simplifying your self-expression, business failures that lead to success, and why “humanrithm” matters.

SASM 023 – How to Curate and Informational Nurses with Robin Good

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Robin Good, curation master. We discuss curating (of course), how to be an informational nurse, getting a big slice of “P.I.E.,” the limits of Google search results, and forming alliances with similarly passionate people.

49 Powerful Lies We Say and How to Tell the Truth

Learn 49 powerful lies we tell ourselves and how to make yourself (or someone else) speak the truth instead. This carefully curated list will empower you like The Minimalists empowered me.

SASM 014 – Cultivating Curating’s Promise and Storytelling’s Evolution with Steve Rosenbaum

This edition of Smart and Simple Matters features Steve Rosenbaum discussing the promise of curating, the evolution of storytelling, filtering the Internet, and the balance of power between content creators, distribution platforms, and curators.