Why JoelZaslofsky.com Is Our New Home for Simplicity, Community, and All Things Groovy – SASM 091

This special solo episode features my new vision of how I contribute best to your life, why my favorite currencies are hugs, smiles, and authentic chats, and why I made the big move from Value of Simple to JoelZaslofsky.com.

How to Create Power, Intention, and Focus with Morning Rituals – SASM 068

Do you know the misunderstood – but essential – difference between routine and rituals? What do morning rituals have to do with sharing my complete, unedited, and previously private daily promises? You’re about to get some answers … and learn even more (like why maintenance is for gardens and machines, not humans.)

5 Simple Tips to Shift from “Go! Go! Go!” to “Slow, Slow, Slow” – SASM 066

What are the surprising social norms of the most intentional, grateful, and inspiring people? Why is simplicity ready for you – right here and right now? Get answers to these questions and other practical, counter-intuitive tips like the “simplify by being a jerk” principle and how to reduce the stress of texts, tweets, blips, and bleeps.